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Geoprobe Model GS1000 Grout Pump

The GS1000 Grout Machine... good for nearly every occasion! Self-contained power unit; no other power source required. Utilizes a piston-type grout pump and Honda engine. Manual-start, 5.5 hp gasoline engine provides approximately 3.0 to 3.5 hours of operation from each 0.95 gallon tank of fuel. Nearly six gallons of hydraulic fluid in the reservoir allows continuous operation without the need for an external oil cooler. Toggle switches control positioning of solenoid valves in a valve block and allow grout pump cycling in both a manual and automatic mode. The hydraulically-driven piston pump is capable of providing operating pressures up to 1000 psi. Pump displacement is 13 cubic inches and flow rates of 0.9 to 2.3 gpm are possible. 9.5 gallon grout hopper. Grout machine weighs only 225 pounds (102 kg).

Model GS1000 Features

GS1000 photo
  • Grout any probe hole
  • Self-contained unit. No other power source required
  • Uses a piston-type grout pump and Honda engine
  • Manual start, 5.5 Hp gas engine (provides 3-3.5 hours of operation from each .95 gallon tank of fuel)
  • Speed control on Grout machine
  • Grout pump cycling possible in manual or automatic mode
  • 9.5 gallon grout hopper
  • Machine weight is only 225 lbs. (102 kg)
  • Vehicle bumper mounting for easy transport

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GS1000 Specifications

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