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We feature Emco Wheaton Monitoring, Standard, Square, and Composite Manholes.

Well Monitoring

All Emco Wheaton Monitoring Well Manholes incorporate cast-in identification triangles in accordance with API recommendations and meet AASHTO H20 wheel loading.

  • Painted ductile iron lid and rim with black triangle
  • Optional galvanized or polyethylene skirt
  • Water tight lid with buna seal
  • Stainless steel bolts with retaining clips
  • Alignment tabs for ease of replacement (8" and 12")
  • Built-in handle (18")

The Emco Wheaton A0717 multi-purpose manhole provides access to all types of underground storage or containment vessels and meets AASHTO H20 wheel loading.

  • High Pressure enables grouting by small tremie tubes
  • Open throat design for easy access
  • Cast-in handle (18")
  • Recessed handle (24" - 42")
  • Euro or spring loaded recessed handle available on composite lids
  • Custom skirt lengths are available.

The Emco Wheaton A0717 square manhole provides ease of access to a variety of tank hardware and monitoring equipment and carries an H20 load rating.

  • Welded steel rim
  • Stainless steel bolts and Buna N seal on watertight version

The Emco Wheaton A0716 Composite Manhole is a new design in lightweight, slip-resistant composite manhole covers. Using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure porosity-free molding, and compact, homogeneous distribution of reinforcing fiber, these covers easily exceed H20 wheel loading requirements. The covers also utilize a UV resistant treatment to protect against sun and weather damage.

  • Exceeds AASHTO H20 wheel loading
  • Replaces EBW 781 series and OPW 39CD and 44CD models
  • Reduces lid weight by 50% compared to traditional steel lids
  • Durable composite construction of fiberglass and polyester resin
  • Easy lid removal and replacement
  • Slip-resistant tread pattern tested in marine applications
  • Available in lay-in and bolt-down, water-resistant styles
  • Steel rim and skirt assemblies are fully painted inside and out
  • Handles available in spring-loaded and European styles

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